NEW >>> Manners classes:  on Sundays 11:30-noon, 

$10 a session or  $40 for the 4 week session.

(Class size is limited, contracts available in the printable forms tab)


Puppy classes : 8 weeks to 6 months of age  (Limited to 8 in a class) The puppy session is 7 weeks long and costs $80.00 for a session.


Beginners classes: 6 months of age and older. No dog is too old to be trained. The beginner session is 8 weeks long and costs $90.00. If you continue to train the same dog, you get your next class for $80.00.  If coming out of the puppy class, the cost of Beginners is $80.00. (Limited to 8 in a class)


Obedience & Rally classes: The session is 8 weeks long and costs $90.00 for a new dog or $70.00 if you have trained this dog with us previously.

                        Open and Utility classes available!!!


Training Information and Contracts can be found in the "Printable Forms" tab


No dog is un-trainable. We train all breeds including mix breeds. We get many rescues that have extra baggage and we help you to have a better dog. If a dog is deaf, blind or has other special needs we will work with you to find positive training tools that will work for your dog. No one method works with every dog and we will help you to find what works for you and your dog.


We have training collars and 6' leather leashes in different widths available for our trainees. We also have toys available for puppy classes.


Things you will need:

 Puppy class: Buckle collar, 6' leash, treats and a toy.


Beginner - Advance class: Training  collar, 6' leash and treats.


Open class: Dumbell to fit your dog, collar, leash and treats.


Utility class: Scent articles, gloves, collar, leash and treats.



About our Instructors:

Our instructors have a variety of experience with many different breeds. They must meet a minimum training level and have to get a CDX (degree) with a dog in order to be eligible to instruct. They must apprentice with different instructors in different classes for 1 year in order to teach their own class. We have several instructors at this time and welcome newcomers!